Below you will find some assessments which will be used for this class.

Total Quality Work Expectations:

Most listed can and will be done in class or on your own if you prefer. If you don't manage your class time wisely they will then have to be done outside of class. They will be following the same rubrics as above and below this paragraph.

Marking Rubric: &
These will be used for all assessments, classwork, homework, etc.

Standard 1:

S1O1 Assessments due

S1O2 Assessments due

S1O3 Assessments due

Standard 2:
S2O1 assessments due Wed Nov 18th

S2O2 asessments due Tue Dec 15th

S2O3 assessments due: Tue Jan 5th

Standard 3:

S3O1 Assessments due

S3O2 Assessments due

Standard 4:

S4O1 Assessments due Mon Oct 10th

Dragonfly book page 659 checkpoint about Sexual and Asexual reproduction
Zebra book page 276 summarize Sexual Reproduction v. Asexual Reproduction

S4O2 assessments due Tues Nov 3rd

S4O3 Assessments due Tues Sept 22nd

Dragonfly book

Zebra book

Standard 5:

S5O1 Assessments due

S5O2 Assessments due

S5O3 Assessments due

Vitual Labs:

Case Studies: As handed out in class.