2nd Quarter 2015-16

Presentations over Science Project Dec 7th-11th

Science Project Paper due Fri Dec 11th

Mon Nov 2nd:
Work on Genetics Papers

Tue Nov 3rd:
Work on Genetic Papers

Wed Nov 4th:
Cornell Notes and S4 Notebook for objective 2 due BOC
S4O2 test

Thur Nov 5th:
Work on Genetic Papers

Fri Nov 6th:
Genetic Papers and S4O2 Performance Test due Today at the EOC

Mon Nov 9th
Start S2O1a assessments
Read pages 148-155
Virtual Lab page 160 assigned
Newsela Article:

Scientists find how obesity gene works, a clue to treatment

Virtual Lab pg 160

Tue Nov 10th:
Work on S2O1a due EOC
Test over reading 148-155

Wed Nov 11th:
Summative S4 test
Work on S2O1b
Read pages 166-171

Thur Nov 12th:
Test over pages 166-171
Work on S2O1b due end of class

Fri Nov 13th:
Current Event, on Newsela Article, S4 (Bright Green Packet) pgs 16-17 Summary & Cartoon pages
Vitrtual Lab due today.
Mastery Connect codes for Reading test pages 148-155
1st: 471822
2nd: 445839
3rd: 322493
5th: 116332
6th: 515595
7th: 526887

Sat Nov 14th retake codes for Mastery Connect for S4O2 test and Summative Test (don't do the essays):

S4O2 Test

1st: 525991
2nd: 457216
3rd: 191151
5th: 315402
6th: 444032
7th: 440353

S4 Summative Test: Don't do the essays on this test

1st: 469526
2nd: 207338
3rd: 476339
5th: 250336
6th: 479689
7th: 201036

Mon Nov 16th:
Work on S2O1c
Read pages 161-165

Tue Nov 17th:
S2O1c due EOC
Test over pages 161-165
Read pages 156-160

Thinking of moving test to Friday so we can review on Thursday and then finish up on Monday for those who need to. Can you please come to class with suggestions or ideas about how you feel about this. Thanks

Wed Nov 18th:
Test over Pages 156-160
S2O1 assessments (Packets)

Thur Nov 19th:
S2 notebook only objective 1 pages 3-6 in Yellow workbook
S2O1 Test

Fri Nov 20th:
Newsela & Current Event Article:

PRO/CON: Putting GMO labels on food

Mastery Connect codes for reading test retakes

Pages 166-171 (10 questions) Macromolecules

1st: 524820
2nd: 329037
3rd: 407483
5th: 423697
6th: 516584
7th: 520757

Pages 161-165 (11 questions) Water

1st: 511004
2nd: 365812
3rd: 281618
5th: 384126
6th: 459901
7th: 277413

Pages 156-160 (13 questions) Chemical reactions & Enzymes

1st: 337462
2nd: 549668
3rd: 472360
5th: 373945
6th: 321177
7th: 497003

Mon Nov 23rd:
Finish Test

Tue Nov 24th:
S2O2a assessments due EOC Hetrotrophs vs Autotrophs pages 218-221

Wed-Fri Nov 25th-27th: No school Thanksgiving Break

Presentation Schedule for Dec 7th-11th:

Mon Nov 30th:
Work on S2O2 assessments

Tues Dec 1st:
Test over pages 218-221:

Wed Dec 2nd:
Work on S2O2 assessments Read pages 222-227

Thur Dec 3rd:
Test on page 222-227:
Work on assessments

Fri Dec 4th:
Test Correctives
Work on photosynthesis & cellular respiration assessments

Presentations over Science Project Dec 7th-11th

Science Project Paper due Fri Dec 11th

Mon Dec 7th: Presentations
Work S2O3a

Tue Dec 8th: Presentations
S2O3a due EOC

Wed Dec 9th: Presentations
Work on S2O3b

Thur Dec 10th: Presentations
Work on S2O3b

Fri Dec 11th: Presentations
Science Project Paper Due BOC
Reading Test pages 228-33:

S2O3b due EOC

Mon Dec 14th:
Work on S2O3c

Tue Dec 15th:
S2O3c due EOC
All S2O2 assessments due EOC

Wed Dec 16th:
Cornell Notes, S2 notebook for objective 2 due BOC
S2O2 Test

Thur Dec 17th:
Test Correctives

Fri Dec 18th:
Scavenger Hunt

Winter break from Dec 21nd- Jan 1st

School Starts Mon Jan 4th

Mon Jan 4th:
Work on S3O1a & S2O3 assessments

Tue Jan 5th:
Work on S3O1a & S2O3 assessments

Wed Jan 6th:
Reading test pages 248-52 How cells divide from existing cells:

Thur Jan 7th:
Read pages 182-86 Cell Theory

Fri Jan 8th:
Reading test:

Mon Jan 11th:
Work on S3O1b

Tue Jan 12th:
Work on S3O1b

Wed Jan 13th:
Membrane Transportation reading test:

Thur Jan 14th:
Read pages 191-200, cell coloring & cell song, test correctives on membrane test

Fri Jan 15th:
Organelle test:
Cell coloring and Cell song due EOC

All Missing & Late Assignments Due EOC

Mon Jan 18th: No School Martin Luther King Day

Tue Jan 19th:
S2O3 Test Review

Wed Jan 20th:
S2O3 Test

Thur Jan 21st:
Test Correctives due EOC

Fri Jan 22nd: No School End of 2nd Quarter/1st Semester Grade Transmittal Day